Week Exchange with Sydney

Overview// From February 24th to March 8th, YES Abroad cohort member Sydney Chesta came to Kamphaengphet for her week exchange. Daily Life// During the week exchange, Sydney lived with my host family and shared my room with me. My host parents were very welcoming to her, even though the planning of the week exchange was […]

Chiang Mai Camp

Overview// On February 20-24, 2019, I attended an AFS cultural camp in Chiang Mai, where I met all of the AFS cohort for the first time since July. The Journey// Chloe and I were up and packed at the ripe hour of 5 am to go with all of the kids living in the southern... Continue Reading →

Week Exchange in Bangkok

Overview// On February 6th-20th, 2019, I did a week exchange with YES Abroad student Chloe in the Thung Khru district of Bangkok. I lived with her host family, attended her school briefly, and followed her schedule. Daily Life// I had been to Chloe's house once before in October, but I hadn't seen her since then.... Continue Reading →

Chinese New Year

On January 25th, 2019, my school celebrated the Chinese New Year. All of the teachers dressed up in traditional Chinese costumes from different dynasties and my advisor, Kru Nok, found me one to match hers. She picked me up early to go to school and we went to the morning assembly together. As the students gathered,... Continue Reading →

Week Exchange in Nan

Overview// From December 20th to January 6th, I did my first ever week exchange with Sofia, another YES Abroad student living in Nan, a Northern province. I lived with her host family, attended her school, and followed her schedule. Daily Life in Nan// I reluctantly woke up every morning at 6 am, often times by... Continue Reading →

Christmas & New Year’s

Overview// I celebrated Christmas twice: once on December 17th in my hometown of Kamphaengphet and again on Christmas Day in Nan while I was on week exchange with Sofia. I was quite lucky to have so many holiday activities, as Christmas is not customarily celebrated in Thailand. I also celebrated New Year's Day in Nan with... Continue Reading →

Pua, Nan with Sofia

Overview// From December 20th to January 6th, I did my first ever week exchange with Sofia, another YES Abroad student living in Nan, a Northern province. On our first weekend, we took a trip to Pua, Nan with her advisor Kru Nong, her family, and some friends in the city. Travelling & My First Night//... Continue Reading →

English Camp in Hua Hin

Overview// From November 30th-December 2nd, I attended an English camp, themed around the environment, with my class (⅝), a few students in the year below me, my coordinator and advisor, and some foreign teachers. We stayed in cabins beside the beach in Hua Hin. Day 1// I sat by Mind for the daylong journey and... Continue Reading →

STEM Camp in Pattaya

Overview// From November 23th-25th, I joined Kru Nok and some foreign teachers to teach English at our school’s STEM camp for students aged 13-15 at the beach in Pattaya. The Journey Down South// Kru Nok picked me up from my house at 4 am to take me to school, where we would board the bus... Continue Reading →

Loy Krathong Day

Overview// On November 22nd, 2018, I celebrated a popular Thai holiday, Loy Krathong Day, with my friends and family instead of Thanksgiving. Loy Krathong can loosely be translated to “to float a basket,” and it takes place on the evening of the full moon in the twelfth month of the Thai calendar. It is celebrated... Continue Reading →

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