Chinese New Year

On January 25th, 2019, my school celebrated the Chinese New Year. All of the teachers dressed up in traditional Chinese costumes from different dynasties and my advisor, Kru Nok, found me one to match hers. She picked me up early to go to school and we went to the morning assembly together. As the students gathered,... Continue Reading →

Week Exchange in Nan

Overview// From December 20th to January 6th, I did my first ever week exchange with Sofia, another YES Abroad student living in Nan, a Northern province. I lived with her host family, attended her school, and followed her schedule. Daily Life in Nan// I reluctantly woke up every morning at 6 am, often times by... Continue Reading →

Christmas & New Year’s

Overview// I celebrated Christmas twice: once on December 17th in my hometown of Kamphaengphet and again on Christmas Day in Nan while I was on week exchange with Sofia. I was quite lucky to have so many holiday activities, as Christmas is not customarily celebrated in Thailand. I also celebrated New Year's Day in Nan with... Continue Reading →

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