Hospital: Part 2

September 20// I was sitting down at the living room table, processing the past few days I had spent in the hospital when my host family informed me that we were going camping that night. I was a little shocked, as I had literally just returned from my stint an hour prior. I politely and... Continue Reading →

North Cultural Orientation Camp

Overview// On September 13th-16th, 2018, I attended the AFS check-in camp with all of the other students living in the North. We stayed in a lovely hotel in Phitsanulok, a province about an hour and a half away from my town. Before Camp// Months had past since I had any reminder of the life I... Continue Reading →

Teaching About 9/11

Overview// Teacher Suporn, my AFS coordinator and English teacher, allowed me to teach my Thai classmates about September 11th, 2001, a tragic day in American history.  My Thoughts// The KL-YES Abroad program that has given me this opportunity to live in Thailand for a year was created in response to 9/11. Here, I try so... Continue Reading →

Hospital: Part 1

Note// This blog post and the one that follows it are about a time in my life when I felt very vulnerable. These posts will be longer than usual and emotionally charged. They are more for my own records. However, I don’t want to hide an entire month of my exchange from my blog. This... Continue Reading →

Teaching at Camp & Hot Springs

Overview// On September 1st, my class, some of the foreign teachers, and I participated in the “AFS Acts of Kindness: The Happiness Project” Camp. Afterwards, we took a trip to the local hot springs. I made a new friend and had tons of fun teaching and exploring. Teaching// In the morning, we travelled not far... Continue Reading →

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