NYC PDO & Travel

I've discovered after my 33 consecutive hours of driving, layovers, and flights that the physical act of travelling is not as beautiful as it's cracked up to be. When you're actually at your destination is where the magic begins. We encountered sickness, conflicts, jet lag, you name it. However, there's nobody I'd rather brave this... Continue Reading →

National Pre-Departure Orientation in D.C.

Overview// The National Pre-Departure Orientation was hosted in Washington D.C. for four days to prepare all YES Abroad students for our year abroad. I met my Thailand cohort, made tons of new friends going all around the world, and learned so much from our amazing alumni. June 19th// The day before our National Pre-Departure Orientation,... Continue Reading →

Acceptance to YES Abroad

Overview// On March 12, 2018, I was officially accepted as a finalist for the AFS implemented & U.S. State Department-funded┬áKennedy-Lugar YES Abroad scholarship in the 2018-19 year to Thailand! The Beginning// Throughout high school, like many of my peers, I was attempting a nonstop and impossible balancing act of AP classes, extracurriculars, family, friends, and... Continue Reading →

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